Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Quote

by:  Salimarab

how to be respected ? _ By respecting the others .
how to be respectful ? _ Depends on the person in front of you .
how to gain people's trust ?  _Never betray them .

I believe there is truth to the above statement revealed on this site by one of my online friends. In my life now, I have seen a lot of educated people acting as if they are uneducated. Most of them are expecting other people especially the uninformed and those who know less to act according to what they believe in. One should always bear in mind that each of us has diverse viewpoint in life. We may not see and understand each other at one point but understanding first what good we can do and how to do good for others without hurting one's feeling could bridge any disagreement than being hostile to the other.
I so wish that educated people should act educated most especially if they are at work. They should be the very first person who should spread goodwill in front of others. I so believe and think, this is one way of teaching the young ones how to do good to others.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Reflection on Teacher Salim's Topic "The Outside and the Inside of a Modern Man."

Hello Teacher Salim,
I like the way you expressed how culture are mixed in one pot. (truly symbolical) ^_^... I think all those characteristics became apparent because we all are human beings rich and poor holding diversed belief (principles and ideals) and practices. Understanding the different factors that affect our lives will help us to find and know where we stand and how to act in the presence of various people. It is important to learn how to co-exist with the others to achieve peace and success for everybody's well-being.
Our world is alive... it is always changing, this is made possible by the power of the people moving in it. So, I think, initially we have to learn how to be resistant or firm and strong as an individual so that, we can face the never ending changes that are taking place without putting back our own principles and ideals but instead improving them to better ourselves. This then serves as our greatest contribution to the world. Only by contributing something good in this world we will come to realize the true meaning of life; how to live, how to be human, how to be responsible citizen of the world and most of all to understand the very soul of our own lives as an individual.
Thank you for your very nice topic teacher Salim.
I like it so much.
Good day!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Without a Name or Without a Feeling

How true are you? How good are you?
Have you found the real meaning to all of these?
Do you know that if you look outside, there you will find another meaning of truth?
Take a look outside and see for yourself the truest meaning for all of these things. A meaning which is really coming from your heart.
Sometimes, I do not know if love is true. If it is still true maybe I cannot feel it anymore or maybe I just don't know its meaning from the very start or maybe I have been misled.  I care a lot for a lot of people but what is love in its real sense? What is love for mankind.? Does love and care comes side by side? If one cares I so believe that love for mankind exist but if one loves does care really exist?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


how to be respected ? _ By respecting the others .
how to be respectful ? _ Depends on the person in front of you .
how to gain people's trust ? _ Never betray them .

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


 Before you speak , listen. Before you act , think . Before you criticise , wait . Bfore you pray , forgive . And before you stop , try .

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Philippine Culture

Creative activities such as; painting, music, literature and dance are needed for a person's development. They also help us to release our minds from the pressures created by the demanding world. Art plays a significant role in the lives of the Filipinos. The pursuit of enjoying our lives despite hardship is considered leisure activity. It has been misconstrued as superficial. And because of this our character is misinterpreted as more likely living for the moment. But the truth is we must fully understand that we are not in control of our lives. And must learn how to accept our destiny gracefully.

Singkil is one variant of a Philippine National  dance called the Tinikling. Tinikling is a bird's dance which is actually an immitation of the birds behaviour as they skip through the rice fields or trees.
The Singkil  is danced in a manner, characterized by a Muslim princess and her lady-in-waiting, skipping in and out of four poles which are knocked together at an increasing speed.