Friday, May 18, 2018

We have to dream
before our dream
can come true!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Reflection on Teacher Salim's Topic "The Outside and the Inside of a Modern Man."

Hello Teacher Salim,
I like the way you expressed how culture are mixed in one pot. (truly symbolical) ^_^... I think all those characteristics became apparent because we all are human beings rich and poor holding diversed belief (principles and ideals) and practices. Understanding the different factors that affect our lives will help us to find and know where we stand and how to act in the presence of various people. It is important to learn how to co-exist with the others to achieve peace and success for everybody's well-being.
Our world is alive... it is always changing, this is made possible by the power of the people moving in it. So, I think, initially we have to learn how to be resistant or firm and strong as an individual so that, we can face the never ending changes that are taking place without putting back our own principles and ideals but instead improving them to better ourselves. This then serves as our greatest contribution to the world. Only by contributing something good in this world we will come to realize the true meaning of life; how to live, how to be human, how to be responsible citizen of the world and most of all to understand the very soul of our own lives as an individual.
Thank you for your very nice topic teacher Salim.
I like it so much.
Good day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Philippine Culture

Creative activities such as; painting, music, literature and dance are needed for a person's development. They also help us to release our minds from the pressures created by the demanding world. Art plays a significant role in the lives of the Filipinos. The pursuit of enjoying our lives despite hardship is considered leisure activity. It has been misconstrued as superficial. And because of this our character is misinterpreted as more likely living for the moment. But the truth is we must fully understand that we are not in control of our lives. And must learn how to accept our destiny gracefully.

Singkil is one variant of a Philippine National  dance called the Tinikling. Tinikling is a bird's dance which is actually an immitation of the birds behaviour as they skip through the rice fields or trees.
The Singkil  is danced in a manner, characterized by a Muslim princess and her lady-in-waiting, skipping in and out of four poles which are knocked together at an increasing speed.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Time Out - Let's Welcome a New Day

A few months ago, I think that was on January, I shaved off all my eyebrows completely. I was just bored, that was why. I noticed how strange looking we would be without our eyebrows on. I thought I looked like an alien. I have mentioned about this eyebrow story to an online friend and he just laughed and couldn't believe that I did that. Then last Friday, (Mar 11) I watched on TV some people (celebrities) who had tried to shaved off their eyebrows too. The host of that show thought too that it was truly strange looking though... I was just laughing really and so entertained to see some of them without the eyebrows. I thought too it saved them a few minutes of their time fixing their faces in front of the mirror with their new looks. But, mind you, they are still beautiful of course.
Last Friday  too, I tried something new. I tried the eyelashes extension worn by fashion models  and celebrities. This fashion originated in Japan in the 1990's. This an acquaintance had told me about some few years back. 
It costed me $20-. A price way far cheaper than the others paid for I guess. ^_^ ... To tell you the truth, I just tried it out of curiousity. I just would like to know how it would feel and look. Not so strange though to think in this way, because I am a female. :)
As I understood it, the prices for eyelashes extensions varies depending on what kind of material the customers would prefer to be used on them. There is a synthetic type of hair, the mink type and even real hair... the price ranges from $100+ to $500+ depending on the set of material to be used.
Taking as a whole, I can now understand why someone thought of creating a false eyelashes extension out of mink ( I presume this is the mink fur.)  because the synthetic one is too uncomfortable to wear and heavy for our eyelids… you would feel like wanting to sleep all the time.  But, the method of gluing the false eyelashes piece by piece are done with great care and thoroughness.  It requires  patience to be able to make  a beautiful finish of one’s look. ^_^
To answer more of your queries, please read more about this on the link below;

This is all for now. I do hope you are all entertained by this little piece of information.

Written by: -evelyn asuncion-